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July 2017 Newsletter

Ethan Kunard

The 2017 July Newsletter is here! In it you will find CVA updates and announcements, partner updates and announcements, and a whole lot of gorgeous pictures that out wonderful community has taken this summer. We are very lucky to have some talented photographers living in the Centennial!! 

Please feel free to share this with others who may be interested in the activities occurring in and around the Centennial Valley. You can read the newsletter here. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Ethan Kunard

June 16th-30th Range Rider Update

Grizzly Bear Track; Bryan Ulring

The Range Riders received two more horses for use this season, one from Ruby Dell Ranch, and one from Shana Drimal (Thank you!).  Our Assistant Range Rider, Mickey, has accepted a seasonal position with the Bureau of Land Management, so we must bid her farewell, but wish her the best of luck!  As temperatures heat up in the Valley, the Range Riders continue to monitor cattle, and the Wildlife Tracker continues to document wildlife sign.

June 1st-15th Range Rider Update

June is in full swing, and pronghorn fawns are becoming a common sight in the Valley! The Range Riders received three horses from J Bar L Ranch (thank you!), and MJ arrived with her four horses that she will use throughout the season. The riders have begun tracking by horseback as well as riding through cattle, and the wildlife tracker has begun travelling by mechanical horse (ATV).