Board of Directors

The Centennial Valley Association’s Board Members are not only on the CVA board, but serve on the local boards of the Lima School, Water Users Irrigation Company, Vigilante Electric Cooperative, The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Western Sustainability Exchange and The Centennial Valley Historical Society.  Some members are also involved in the Lima Volunteer Fire Department or help coordinate and participate in fundraising events for the department. Some of the Board members are active in larger organizations supporting their industries.  As in many small communities, they must multi-task.  Meet the Board:

Yvonne Martinell- Chairwoman (Rancher)                       Pat McKenna- Secretary (Logger)                                Scott Huntsman- Treasurer (Rancher)
Mel Montgomery- Board Member  (Outfitter)                  Peggy Dulaney- Board Member (Rancher)                   Bryan Ulring- Proxy (Rancher)
Ed Wolfe- Board Member (Rancher)                                Tony Demetriades- Board Member (Rancher)              Jerry Scheid- Advisory (Landowner)