Who We Are

In 2001, a new landowner invited ranching neighbors over for dinner to listen to stories of the past.
Stories of folks lending a hand, socializing, and discussing issues illustrated that a sense of community 
was being lost. Valley landowners formed the CVA in 2003. Supported by the Brainerd Foundation, Greater Yellowstone Coalition and The Nature Conservancy, CVA provides  a critical forum to the community, addressing land subdivision, predator conflicts, noxious weeds and sportsmen conflicts, while mobilizing the community to make important decisions for the valley.

The Centennial Valley Association creates opportunities and     rallies landowners, agencies, and community members to sustain agriculture and conservation by providing a community forum to lead collaboration. CVA is the only local organization in the valley that works on projects with landowners, agencies, and non-profits as a team. The CVA is partnered with the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, The Nature Conservancy, and other agencies to conduct predator coexistence research, improve sage grouse and fisheries habitat, noxious weed control, and fence modification to promote wildlife habitat and movement.