Invasive Species

The Centennial Valley is one of the most pristine and remote valleys in Montana and has relatively few weeds established. Partnerships with the Centennial Valley Association, The Nature Conservancy, Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Bureau of Land Management, Beaverhead County, and landowners have protected the valley to keep new invaders from establishing and established populations from spreading. The goals of the Invasive Species Program are:

  • Active involvement and high degree of literacy on invasive species among community members.
  • Maintain the Early Detection, Rapid Response model to prevent new invaders from establishing in the Centennial and managing currently established invasives and preventing them from spreading.


  • Mapping Weed locations on public lands
  • Present weed results annually
  • Organize and assist in Spray Days and Weed Weeks
  • Education and Outreach on Invasive Species

How We Measure Success

  • Increased landowner participation; 100% landowner participation
  • Maintain a low-early invader level of invasives with no new invaders

2014 Successes

  • Increased landowner outreach efforts for County Spray Days
  • Arranged an Applicators Training for landowners in Lima, MT
  • Provided funding to partners for chemicals to spray weeds in Centennial