In 2014, the CVA initiated and completed the first season of the Range Rider Program for the summer/fall grazing season. Range riders increase human presence around livestock to deter predator-livestock conflicts as well as increase community communication about what wildlife species they are seeing. For the first season, CVA had five  participating landowners and one range rider covering 40,000  acres. In 2015, the program will expand to eight participants and  three riders.

 CVA also contributed to improving weed efforts across the  Centennial community. Staff increased landowner outreach for  County Spray Day participation, arranged and hosted a local  Applicators Training for residents with Beaverhead County, and  provided funding to partners to treat weed infestations in the  Centennial.

 Finally, CVA hosted and co-hosted educational workshops for the  community, such as Whit Hibbard’s Low-Stress Livestock Handling  Clinic, Beef-Niche Marketing with Western Sustainability Exchange,  Sage Grouse Grazing tour with NRCS and the Fire Learning Network  with The Nature Conservancy, as well as participated in strategic  planning and capacity building workshops to increase the  sustainability of CVA.

 For more information on our Range Rider or Invasive Species  Management projects:

 Range Rider Program
 Invasive Species Program