Interested in what is going on daily with the Centennial Valley Association? Do you find our livestock-human-predator conflict mitigation, invasive species management, or our community oriented collaboration interesting or important? If you do, please consider becoming a member of the CVA! An annual membership fee is a low cost price to pay to keep our boots to thePhoto Credit: Ami Vitale ground and accomplish significant work in the pristine, unique Centennial. Membership Dues are:

  • $15 for Individuals
  • $25 for Families
  • $50 for Businesses/Organizations
  • $10 for Non-voting Members (non-ag)

To become a member, all you have to do is fill our our membership form and submit the form and payment via snail mail or email the form to Kara at and make a payment via

! We hope to have you join us this season as a 2018 member!