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Thank You Wednesday

#Giving Tuesday evolves into Thank You Wednesday and, boy does the CVA have a lot to be thankful for! We are extremely grateful to the Centennial community and supporters, as the preliminary results show that over $8900 was raised for the Valley, which also means we met our match goal!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Opening Weekend Information

The hunting season opener was a week and a half ago! Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist, Dean Waltee, ran a check station out of Alder for the 3rd year in a row! They chatted with 473 hunters who spent 656 days hunting on opening weekend. If you are interested in the data they compiled at the check station, please check out the link below! 

FWP Opening Weekend

October 2015 Newsletter

Enjoy our Fall Newsletter! Click on the link, October 2015, below to view. We have updates on some big projects in the Centennial, hunting information, pictures, and much more! If you would like a copy emailed or mailed directly to you, please email Kara at communityorg@centennialvalleyassociation.org or sign up at the bottom of this page! Happy Fall!

October 2015

Centennial Valley Range Rider Report July 26-August 8, 2015

In the past few weeks, cattle have been found dead due to poisoning, drowning, bloat, lightning strikes, and pneumonia. Constant bear activity has been occurring throughout areas with cattle, so riders have been monitoring carcasses for bear and wolf sign as well as moving carcasses when possible. If carcasses cannot be removed from areas with cattle, riders have made a daily presence through herds to prevent depredations.

Wolves have also been tracked frequently on the valley floor. One calf has been confirmed a wolf depredation on the Northside of the Valley.

Centennial Valley Range Rider Report July 13- July 25, 2015

Riders are continuing to ride through herds of cattle, making sure calves are paired with their mothers to make them less vulnerable when approached by predators. Range Riders, the Red Rock Lakes NWR, and ranchers removed three steer carcasses from the Wilderness Area on the northside of the Refuge. They died of larkspur poisoning and were moved to a cattle free pasture to minimize predators in areas occupied by livestock.

Centennial July Weed Week

                Last week, July 20th-24th, we held our final Centennial Weed Week with the Nature Conservancy. The County, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge joined us for another successful weed week. The valley was again treated chemically and mechanically for Knapweed, Houndstongue, Hoary Alyssum, and Black Henbane.