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October 2017 Newsletter

The Centennial Valley Association's October Newsletter is here! It is filled with gorgeous pictures that the community has taken, tons of project updates, some thank you's and farewells, and much, much more! You will find the newsletter, as well as the meeting minutes from CVA's Annual Meeting and Picnic in September, by following the links below.  As always, please share with your friends and family and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

September 16th-30th Range Rider Update

Hopefully everyone’s staying warm out there! Temperatures have fallen and the Valley has already received a bit of snow, but most has melted. Participating ranches have begun moving cattle out of the Valley for the winter, but the Team will continue to track and ride through herds until everyone has left or until the weather evicts them!

Centennial Valley Range Rider Report July 13- July 25, 2015

Riders are continuing to ride through herds of cattle, making sure calves are paired with their mothers to make them less vulnerable when approached by predators. Range Riders, the Red Rock Lakes NWR, and ranchers removed three steer carcasses from the Wilderness Area on the northside of the Refuge. They died of larkspur poisoning and were moved to a cattle free pasture to minimize predators in areas occupied by livestock.

Centennial July Weed Week

                Last week, July 20th-24th, we held our final Centennial Weed Week with the Nature Conservancy. The County, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge joined us for another successful weed week. The valley was again treated chemically and mechanically for Knapweed, Houndstongue, Hoary Alyssum, and Black Henbane.

Range Rider Report June 22nd-July 12th, 2015

Cattle have moved onto the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge grazing units! Range riders are moving around in those herds as well as the herds on the northside of the valley. To date, 3-5 wolf packs, 8-9 adult grizzly bears, one black bear, and a cougar have been accounted for across the valley. Some wolves near the Dell area have been in contact with cattle and some folks suspect some losses are due to the pack; however, there have been no confirmed depredations by Wildlife Services.

Centennial Weed Week Update

                The last week of June, CVA and The Nature Conservancy conducted its first Weed Week in the Centennial. With the help of Beaverhead County, Bureau of Land Management, the Refuge, and landowners, we chemically and mechanically treated the whole valley, as well as identified new patches.

Centennial Valley Range Rider Report May 23- June 7

            The past two weeks the range riders have been concluding the wildlife tracking portion of range riding. Cattle are now starting to come back into the valley, so the riders will begin riding through and “herding up” cattle once in the morning and evening. This helps allow the cattle to be and act like a herd of bison, keeping calves close and standing off to predators in an event of an encounter with a predator.

Spray Days in the Centennial Valley

 Weed season has quickly come upon us! Here are some important dates coming up where we could use some help! Spray Days offer free chemical from the County and participation is key to the success of ridding weeds from our Valley! For a map of Public weed locations, email info@centennialvalleyassociation.org!

Participate with CVA Wildlife Communication!

Ever wonder what types of wildlife folks are seeing in a place you want to visit? Ever have an amazing wildlife story that you wish you could share with everyone? Well here's your chance to learn and share. The Centennial Valley Association strives to keep the community informed about what is going on with our wildlife in the valley. So here is your chance to help us help the community! Send an email to wildlife@centennialvalleyassociation.org with: