Range News

July 1-15th Range Rider Update

Range riders are continuing to help Wildlife Services in their effort to collar a wolf on the north and south sides of the Valley. Through sharing information on wolf sign and den locations, as well as monitoring trap lines, the riders have invested significant time in contributing to the overall goals of collaring wolves.

June 18-30th Range Rider Update

Riders typically begin their workday around 4:30 am working on foot or horseback, and periodically by ATV, as they continue to track multiple species of wildlife across the Valley. Riders have also been monitoring cattle of participating landowners, especially those herds with either low human presence or considered to be in areas with higher predation risk based on wolf and grizzly bear movements.

June 1-17th Range Rider Update

Range Riders continue to work toward their two goals:  1. Track wildlife, especially bears and wolves, throughout the Valley to gain valuable information about how wildlife is using the Valley and 2. Monitor cattle of participating landowners as they come back to the Valley in effort to reduce depredations by wolves and bears.

May 15-31 Range Rider Update

The rainy spring this year has aided in the success of range rider tracking efforts. Together, with Wildlife Services and the community, riders have been able to obtain a valuable understanding of how wildlife, specifically wolves and grizzly bears, are moving through the Valley in preparation for the arrival of cattle. Now that cattle are back, riders are transitioning from tracking to monitoring cattle on a daily basis.

Volunteer Opportunities!!

Are you looking for a fun spring time activity? Do you want to visit rugged landscapes of Montana? Are you looking to gain some new experiences or build your resume? Do you want to learn and play in the water while completing great conservation work? If you answered yes to any of those questions, do we have an opportunity for you!