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October 2017 Newsletter

The Centennial Valley Association's October Newsletter is here! It is filled with gorgeous pictures that the community has taken, tons of project updates, some thank you's and farewells, and much, much more! You will find the newsletter, as well as the meeting minutes from CVA's Annual Meeting and Picnic in September, by following the links below.  As always, please share with your friends and family and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

September 16th-30th Range Rider Update

Hopefully everyone’s staying warm out there! Temperatures have fallen and the Valley has already received a bit of snow, but most has melted. Participating ranches have begun moving cattle out of the Valley for the winter, but the Team will continue to track and ride through herds until everyone has left or until the weather evicts them!

Bison Decision in Montana

A decision notice was published recently for the Year-round Habitat for Yellowstone Bison Draft EA. The decision considered an adaptive change to the Interagency Bison Management Plan to allow bison to roam year-round, in Montana, on the perimeter of Yellowstone National Park. 

It's Giving Tuesday!!!

Happy First Day of December!
Giving Tuesday is finally here! Today we recognize the achievements we have made over the past year and strive to continue to accomplish our mission and goals.

Opening Weekend Information

The hunting season opener was a week and a half ago! Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist, Dean Waltee, ran a check station out of Alder for the 3rd year in a row! They chatted with 473 hunters who spent 656 days hunting on opening weekend. If you are interested in the data they compiled at the check station, please check out the link below! 

FWP Opening Weekend

October 2015 Newsletter

Enjoy our Fall Newsletter! Click on the link, October 2015, below to view. We have updates on some big projects in the Centennial, hunting information, pictures, and much more! If you would like a copy emailed or mailed directly to you, please email Kara at communityorg@centennialvalleyassociation.org or sign up at the bottom of this page! Happy Fall!

October 2015

Centennial Valley Range Rider Report July 26-August 8, 2015

In the past few weeks, cattle have been found dead due to poisoning, drowning, bloat, lightning strikes, and pneumonia. Constant bear activity has been occurring throughout areas with cattle, so riders have been monitoring carcasses for bear and wolf sign as well as moving carcasses when possible. If carcasses cannot be removed from areas with cattle, riders have made a daily presence through herds to prevent depredations.

Wolves have also been tracked frequently on the valley floor. One calf has been confirmed a wolf depredation on the Northside of the Valley.