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October 2017 Newsletter

The Centennial Valley Association's October Newsletter is here! It is filled with gorgeous pictures that the community has taken, tons of project updates, some thank you's and farewells, and much, much more! You will find the newsletter, as well as the meeting minutes from CVA's Annual Meeting and Picnic in September, by following the links below.  As always, please share with your friends and family and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

September 16th-30th Range Rider Update

Hopefully everyone’s staying warm out there! Temperatures have fallen and the Valley has already received a bit of snow, but most has melted. Participating ranches have begun moving cattle out of the Valley for the winter, but the Team will continue to track and ride through herds until everyone has left or until the weather evicts them!

June 1-17th Range Rider Update

Range Riders continue to work toward their two goals:  1. Track wildlife, especially bears and wolves, throughout the Valley to gain valuable information about how wildlife is using the Valley and 2. Monitor cattle of participating landowners as they come back to the Valley in effort to reduce depredations by wolves and bears.

May 15-31 Range Rider Update

The rainy spring this year has aided in the success of range rider tracking efforts. Together, with Wildlife Services and the community, riders have been able to obtain a valuable understanding of how wildlife, specifically wolves and grizzly bears, are moving through the Valley in preparation for the arrival of cattle. Now that cattle are back, riders are transitioning from tracking to monitoring cattle on a daily basis.

Volunteer Opportunities!!

Are you looking for a fun spring time activity? Do you want to visit rugged landscapes of Montana? Are you looking to gain some new experiences or build your resume? Do you want to learn and play in the water while completing great conservation work? If you answered yes to any of those questions, do we have an opportunity for you!

January 2016 Newsletter

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January 2016 Newsletter