Range News

October 2017 Newsletter

The Centennial Valley Association's October Newsletter is here! It is filled with gorgeous pictures that the community has taken, tons of project updates, some thank you's and farewells, and much, much more! You will find the newsletter, as well as the meeting minutes from CVA's Annual Meeting and Picnic in September, by following the links below.  As always, please share with your friends and family and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

September 16th-30th Range Rider Update

Hopefully everyone’s staying warm out there! Temperatures have fallen and the Valley has already received a bit of snow, but most has melted. Participating ranches have begun moving cattle out of the Valley for the winter, but the Team will continue to track and ride through herds until everyone has left or until the weather evicts them!

June 1st-15th Range Rider Update

June is in full swing, and pronghorn fawns are becoming a common sight in the Valley! The Range Riders received three horses from J Bar L Ranch (thank you!), and MJ arrived with her four horses that she will use throughout the season. The riders have begun tracking by horseback as well as riding through cattle, and the wildlife tracker has begun travelling by mechanical horse (ATV).

January 2017 Newsletter

Our January Newsletter is here and packed full of wonderful stories and project updates from the Centennial and from Antarctica! As always, there are many beautiful pictures, some thank you's, and a welcome to our new Big Sky Watershed Corps member, James! It is also 2017, which means time for your dues! For more information on dues, visit our Membership page. To read the January Newsletter, click here.

2016 Range Rider Final Season Summary

The Centennial Valley Association had a very successful season this year and an incredibly hard working range rider team. The team increased community awareness, identified where and how various wildlife, particularly predators, were utilizing the landscape, and monitored cattle so they did not become a target for predation.

Targeted Elk Brucellosis Surveillance Project

Please check out Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' 2017 Targeted Elk Brucellosis Surveillence Project update here. FWP plans to begin their capture season this February, including recapturing the seropositive elk in the Sage Creek, Black's Ford, Mill Creek, and Greeley populations. If you have questions or concerns, contact Jenny Jones at jennyjones@mt.gov or 406-868-2367.