January 31st Snow Water Equivalent Report

Centennial Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) Report as of January 31st, 2018

While the Jefferson River Basin (Centennial, Red Rock, Beaverhead, Big Hole) is reporting at 127% of normal for snow water equivalent, the Centennial Valley, at the Lakeview Ridge SNOTEL site, is only reporting at 63% of normal for SWE, HALF of what the basin is said to be at. The weekly SNOTEL report can be read here. Lima Reservoir is 64% full. Here are some other SNOTEL SWE readings in areas surrounding the Centennial Valley and Red Rock area:
  • Divide (Centennial Valley/Upper Ruby divide): 93% of normal
  • Teepee Creek (north of Landon Ridge, in Madison drainage): 77% of normal
  • White Elephant (eastern Centennials in Idaho): 102% of normal
  • Beagle Springs (Montana SNOTEL on MT/ID border; Big Sheep Drainage): 135% of normal
Selected sites, among others in the West, can be viewed daily here. Let's think some snowy thoughts going into February!