January 2018 Newsletter

The first Centennial Valley Association Newsletter of 2018 is here! In it, you will find Centennial project updates, announcements, thank you's, and a lot of pictures. We have also begun something new in our Newsletter...A suggestion came to the CVA from a community member to include some of the history of the people and families of the Centennial Valley, since much of why we all get to work, recreate, or just enjoy the CV is because of the people of the past and present. And since this was a great idea, and in partnership with the Centennial Valley Historical Society, we will be supplying the CVA community, partners, and supporters with a tidbit of history in each of our newsletters! We are excited for this addition to the newsletters and hope you enjoy!
With the start of a new year, we would also like to remind you that your 2018 Membership Dues are due (form can be found here). Please, as always, please feel free to share with others who may be interested in the Centennial Valley or the subject matter. The 2018 Newsletter can be read here. Enjoy!
Photo Courtesy of Sheryl Stibal.