A Perspective of the Past from Cydne Bean Collins

Our #GivingTuesday countdown tells us that we are two weeks away from the big day on November 28th! Cydne Bean Collins, landowner and CVA Member, gives us insight to how things change and time passes in the Centennial Valley:

Photo Credit: James Bolyard

In addition to her wonderful thoughts, Cydne has made an early contribution to the CVA for #GivingTuesday, in memory of the Bean Family and Hank Collins, all of whom cherished the Centennial Valley and its community they held dear! So, please join Cydne, her family, and the rest of CVA by marking your calendars and participating on November 28th. The Centennial Valley can be supported by 1) Helping raise financial resources to attain our special Member match of $2500, 2) Commit to dedicating your time to CVA during field season, and/or 3) Share our mission, projects, and fundraiser with others. We cannot continue to be prepared for or work with the various changes the Centennial faces without your help! More information on #GivingTuesday can be found here.

A HUGE thank you goes to Cydne, for her passion, generous support, and dedication to the Centennial and CVA over the years! And a thank you to YOU for your support of the Centennial Valley Association and consideration on the 28th