September 16th-30th Range Rider Update

Hopefully everyone’s staying warm out there! Temperatures have fallen and the Valley has already received a bit of snow, but most has melted. Participating ranches have begun moving cattle out of the Valley for the winter, but the Team will continue to track and ride through herds until everyone has left or until the weather evicts them!

With bears in the hyperphagia stage of their annual cycle, they have continued to make regular appearances in the Valley. Grizzly bear tracks were seen on the northeast side of the Valley, with a trail camera capturing a grizzly in the same area. Black bear tracks have been documented in the eastern side of the Valley and general bear sign has been seen south of Landon Ridge. A single wolf was spotted in the northeastern section of the Valley. Sign has also been identified in the northern and eastern sides of the Valley. Howling has been heard from the northside. Two bull moose and two cow moose have been spotted by the Team in various locations across the Valley.

Fortunately, the Team has no losses due to depredation to report from the past two weeks! Pronghorn and coyotes are becoming frequent sights and sounds in the Valley.  Pronghorn are forming large breeding groups, with many females being held in an area by a single male, and coyotes can be heard howling most mornings in several areas.  

Thank you to the Centennial Valley community for your continued support and for reporting wildlife sightings!