October 1st-15th Range Rider Update

Can you believe it’s already the second to last biweekly Range Rider report for the season? As the season comes to an end, the Team is still diligently riding through cattle and tracking wildlife in the Valley, but must say goodbye to Steven, the Wildlife Tracker, whose last day was October 20th. The Range Riders will continue monitoring cattle until October 31st.   

Rifle season for deer and elk begins on Saturday, October 21st. We encourage hunters to be courteous, safe, and ethical while in the Valley. Please leave gates as you find them and remain on maintained, marked roads. Even if you do not see cattle in the immediate area, it is likely they are obscured by the landscape, or are elsewhere in the pasture, so please be observant. Also remember that bears are still out packing on the pounds for winter, so remain bear aware!

Wolf sign was found on the south side, including a likely wolf-kill of a bull moose near Baldy Mountain. Our friends at Centennial Outfitters documented countless wolf tracks were near the carcass. Other wolf sign was found on the northeast side as well. A grizzly bear was caught on a trail camera in the Sandhills, so hunters remember, grizzlies are found in the sagebrush as well! Grizzly tracks were also identified near Upper Lake Campground. Black bear sign was found on the northeast side. A bull moose was seen near the Duck Club and a group of 6 moose, bulls and cows, was reported near Lakeview. Moose were also heard bellowing in the same area.

The Team has no cattle depredations to report! Thank you to the Centennial Valley community for all your support and for reporting wildlife sightings. A BIG thank you goes to Steven, for his hard work, observant eye, and for being the largest contributor of wildlife sign and sightings to the Range Rider updates! Steven will be going from the Centennial to Missoula to track mountain lions for the winter. Thank you, Steve, and good luck and have fun this winter! GOOD LUCK HUNTERS ON OPENING WEEKEND!