September 1st-15th Range Rider Update

Red flag warnings have given way to winter storm warnings, so it appears that Fall is underway in the Valley! Bear activity has increased, and there is one potentially wounded bear in the Metzel Creek area. Please be alert and bear aware when recreating or working around the Valley, and always carry bear spray.

A single wolf was seen on the South Valley Road and wolf sign has been found across the north side of the Valley. Six grizzlies and one black bear were seen on CVA trail cameras in a participating ranch’s pasture on the north side. Grizzly tracks were also found throughout the northeastern portion of the Valley. Two cow moose were seen on several occasions outside of Lakeview and sign was seen on the north side.

There have been three confirmed grizzly bear depredations of cattle on participating ranches. If you find a carcass that you suspect was a bear depredation, exercise extreme caution before approaching. Two recent encounters that resulted in injury to humans involved grizzly bears defending carcasses.

Thank you to the Centennial Valley community for your continued support and for reporting wildlife sightings!