June 16th-30th Range Rider Update

Grizzly Bear Track; Bryan Ulring

The Range Riders received two more horses for use this season, one from Ruby Dell Ranch, and one from Shana Drimal (Thank you!).  Our Assistant Range Rider, Mickey, has accepted a seasonal position with the Bureau of Land Management, so we must bid her farewell, but wish her the best of luck!  As temperatures heat up in the Valley, the Range Riders continue to monitor cattle, and the Wildlife Tracker continues to document wildlife sign.

We’ve had a few more predator sightings compared to the last report, but we are still seeing consistent sign throughout the Valley. A wolf was seen on the Refuge by some 4x4 recreationists. There was a report of wolf activity near the center of the Valley. Black bears were seen at Hidden Lake and the north side of the Valley. A grizzly sow and cub were seen north of the Sandhills and a set of grizzly tracks were found along North Valley Road in the Sandhills. Mountain lion tracks were found by our Tracker, Steven, near the West Fork, which is a rare find, as lions are fairly elusive in the Valley.

Eight moose have been seen, all of which were seen on or near Elk Lake Road. On one occasion, a group of five were seen: a cow/calf pair, two yearlings, and a bull.

The Wildlife Team has also placed trail cameras out on two livestock carcasses, both of which were not products of predation. The trail cameras will capture what type of scavengers and/or predators are using the landscape in these areas. So stay tuned for the next report to see what wildlife we capture on the camera!

Many thanks to the Centennial Valley community for your continued support and for reporting wildlife sightings!