July 1st-15th Range Rider Update

We’ve made it half way through July, and as more cattle continue to arrive in the Valley, the Wildlife Team is ramping up their range riding and deployment of trail cameras to reduce undocumented losses. 

The trail cameras the Wildlife Team put out on two livestock carcasses, and they delivered! One wolf and three grizzly bears, one boar and one sow with last year’s cub, came to investigate an old cow carcass. On the other trail camera, which was placed near a horse carcass, three grizzlies and one black bear were captured on camera. Both cameras were placed on the north side of the Valley, so be aware when traveling about! Consistent wolf and bear sign are being seen throughout the north side, as well.

Six moose were observed all in different parts of the Valley: cow and calf near Odell Creek, two bulls on Patchtop, a bull near Elk Lake Road, and one cow at Upper Lake Campground. Pronghorn and elk are beginning to form herds again throughout the Valley.  Small groups of pronghorn (15-20) are becoming common sights, and one herd of approximately 100 elk was seen in the Teepee Creek area.

Thank you to the Centennial Valley community for your reports!