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Targeted Elk Brucellosis Surveillance Project

Please check out Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' 2017 Targeted Elk Brucellosis Surveillence Project update here. FWP plans to begin their capture season this February, including recapturing the seropositive elk in the Sage Creek, Black's Ford, Mill Creek, and Greeley populations. If you have questions or concerns, contact Jenny Jones at or 406-868-2367. 

The High Divide Video

Please check out the The High Divide film! It features our beautiful landscape, the CVA, and many of our wonderful partners across the High Divide! Our Chairwoman, Yvonne Martinell, and Range Rider, Melissa DiNino, do an excellent job framing the hard work we do in the Centennial Valley!

Volunteer Opportunities!!

Are you looking for a fun spring time activity? Do you want to visit rugged landscapes of Montana? Are you looking to gain some new experiences or build your resume? Do you want to learn and play in the water while completing great conservation work? If you answered yes to any of those questions, do we have an opportunity for you!