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Centennial July Weed Week

                Last week, July 20th-24th, we held our final Centennial Weed Week with the Nature Conservancy. The County, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge joined us for another successful weed week. The valley was again treated chemically and mechanically for Knapweed, Houndstongue, Hoary Alyssum, and Black Henbane.

Centennial Weed Week Update

                The last week of June, CVA and The Nature Conservancy conducted its first Weed Week in the Centennial. With the help of Beaverhead County, Bureau of Land Management, the Refuge, and landowners, we chemically and mechanically treated the whole valley, as well as identified new patches.

Spray Days in the Centennial Valley

 Weed season has quickly come upon us! Here are some important dates coming up where we could use some help! Spray Days offer free chemical from the County and participation is key to the success of ridding weeds from our Valley! For a map of Public weed locations, email!